About MadonneStudio

What is MadonneStudio ?

MadonneStudio is an independent development studio. From the simple creation of game servers to the production of entire video games, each new MadonneStudio project seeks to combine realism, interactivity and immersion. Originally created in 2020, MadonneStudio started working on its first video games in 2021.

Our History

  • August 18 : Creation of MadonneStudio, formerly MadonneRP. Its primary objective was to create a Minecraft role-playing game server with the ambition, at the start, to offer a completely personalized experience to different players.
  • December 1 : First opening of MadonneFM. It was an Internet radio allowing everyone to listen to any style of music, from all decades, at any time of the day. This web was also available on the varios game servers created by MadonneRP (MadonneStudio).
  • December 15 : Opening to the public of the very first game server built by MadonneRP (MadonneStudio) where players could put themselves in the shoes of the American police. The latter was available on FiveM, a multiplayer version of the game Grand Theft Auto V.
  • February 1 : MadonneRP (MadonneStudio) begins to sign partnerships with various associations (FNSF, WWF, etc...). These associations received part of the company's income.
  • July 2 : Due to numerous problems, all projects created by MadonneRP (MadonneStudio) had to temporarily close their dors.
  • August 6 : Following th evarious announcements presenting the future of MadonneRP (MadonneStudio), a new name was chosen in order to be more appropriate to the growing number of domains on which MadonneRP was working. It was then that "MadonneStudio" was chosen.
  • December 1 : The MadonneStudio team doubles its workforce with the arrival of Damien and Benjamin.
  • January 22 : In order to announce the resumption of MadonneStudio's activites, an event stream is organized live on Twitch.
  • April 2 : After more than eight months of closure, MadonneFM reopens its doors !
  • May 16 : Opening of our FivePD server to the public.
  • August 27 : Launch of a merchandising store in the image of MadonneStudio and its projects.
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